Dedoose Update—Recovered Data to be Merged Tonight! …and some Reminders

Dear Dedoosers,


The data that have been viewable on our staging environment ( represent those that have been recovered for work added to Dedoose between March 2nd and March 30th.  These data will be merged back into the live database beginning tonight at 8pm PST.  It is necessary to shut down Dedoose services during this procedure which should last approximately 4 hours.

We’ve already run multiple tests of the procedure on a parallel deployment.

The merge has been carefully designed so as not disrupt any data added after May 6th.

We have backups…many backups, in many places.

We hope this recovery will offer some relief for those who have been adversely affected.


Again, it remains our deepest regret that this is only a partial restoration.  While efforts continue, the corruption and fragmentation of data in what remains of our backups is not likely to be recoverable.  As researchers on a mission to share a tool we simply built for ourselves, we have been delighted that others have found value in our product.  Yet, as researchers, any loss of data hits us in our soul.  We really do only one thing at SCRC—work to support high quality research.  That’s what we do as professionals and that’s why we developed Dedoose.  That we have failed in our mission for anyone leaves us truly saddened.

We want to remind you of our offer to help in rebuilding any data that cannot be restored.  If this is something you wish to consider taking advantage of, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine how best we can contribute.  Again, as researchers, we are pretty good at this.  So, with the exports or other files you may have, we can often work to rebuild a database in relatively efficient ways.  We’ll stand by to serve in this capacity.


Yes, you can store backups of your data. Here’s how:

  1. Excerpts Workspace
  2. Select All
  3. Click Export
  4. Save with all default settings to an Excel spreadsheet with all excerpt text, media title, character or time-point start and end position, all codes and code weights applied, and all associated descriptor data
  5. Keep your original documents safe on your local machine.

Should it ever become necessary, with this Excel file and your source media, we can recreate your project in Dedoose.


We now know that our Achilles heel was our dependence on transferring our backups to remote storage with a single service that, while working fine in the past, did not function as designed.

In response, we’ve already:

  1. Implemented a new backup transfer system that saves to an independent and remote location on the Azure platform (and we’ve tested and tested to confirm its reliability) and
  2. Added another redundant backup which is channeled and stored on the Amazon S3 storage system.

Coming very soon is a new ‘project download’ feature that will allow users to save a snapshot of their project on their local computer with a few clicks.  This file can be uploaded to recreate the project at any time and can be shared with others.

All in all, these measures have and will further strengthen Dedoose data security from both the system and user side and we remain committed to the development and evolution of Dedoose so we can continue to bring its strengths and unique features in service of the Dedoose user community.

Our regrets and respect,

Team Dedoose

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